A monocular is a device that is used to magnify distant objects by refracting, mainly through passing the light via a series of lenses thus acting as a telescope,having known what a monocular is, we shall go directly to the main advantages of a night vision monocular:

1. The most common use of the night vision monoculars is by the military
it is said that just having the ability to see your enemy at night gives you the upper hand in the battlefield,it works in such a way that it is able to capture radiations outside what the human eye can see, with this the soldiers are able to fight without giving up their position unlike when they use a beam of light.

2. A night vision monocular can be used by people who are suffering from night blindness since it is able to amplify the amount of light to such a large extent thus improving the individual’s sight and their ability to work and even do tasks that would have been otherwise impossible.

3.The monocular is used by astronomers to observe stars and distance objects at night thus plays an integral part in the field of space exploration and expanding the human knowledge of space, it has also opened up opportunities for space tourism,This is made possible by the ability of the device to amplify the beam of light being emitted the terrestrial objects,

4. it allows you as an individual to see for a considerable large distance and therefore you are able to spot under the cover of night, Therefore as a hunter, you are able to determine which is the ideal place for you to hunt. A monocular night vision also helps keep the hunter out of danger.it also helps open up the field of zoology since most scientists are able to observe how different animals behave during the day and compare with what they see at night without influencing the animal behavior.

5. In comparison to other modes i.e flashlights, it is energy friendly because it consumes a negligible amount of energy, therefore, consider it as an integral part towards energy and environmental conservation.

6. Another good example of how the night vision monocular is used is by the police to observe criminal and lawbreakers as well as by the rangers to prevent human-wildlife conflict.

7. The monocular can also be used in search and rescue operations, for instance, suppose you went hiking with a buddy and he decided to stroll through the woods and in the process gets lost, with a night vision monocular you are able to search for him even under the cover of the night. Another good instance is that it is used by underground miners and quarry workers as they conduct their work.

8. lastly, monocular is such a simple object as compared to the binoculars since it can comfortably fit in a small pocket and is light in weight thus it is an object that you can easily move around with,

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